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C&C Research Laboratories
Rathausallee 10
D-53757 St. Augustin
(now NEC Laboratories Europe)
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The C&C Research Laboratories, NEC Europe Ltd., St. Augustin (CCRLE) is a research centre which was founded by NEC Europe Ltd. (a 100% owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation) in 1994 and is located at GMD's Technopark in Sankt Augustin, Germany. 

In addition to CCRLE's collaborative research on parallel processing, algorithms and applications, NEC installed a 128 processor Cenju-3 at the GMD's HPC-Laboratory, which makes it available to the wider research community. In the summer of 1998, this Cenju-3 machine was supplemented by a 64 processor Cenju-4. These machines, together with an in-house 32 Processor PentiumPro-based PC-cluster will be made available to the project partners. 

The laboratory has research staff with extensive experience in the development of parallel solvers (from basic iterative algorithms to full applications) and of software systems (it is responsible for the message-passing programming interface on NEC systems). Furthermore, underpinning their role in SimBio, they have existing collaborations with MPI Leipzig (relating to Finite Element solver and meshing development) and with ESI (notably within the ESPRIT LTR project, DRAMA, which is developing a library for dynamic load-balancing of Finite Element applications). In addition to the DRAMA project, the Laboratory has previously contributed to the ESPRIT projects CISPAR and HPF+ and is currently involved in the ESPRIT project SEP-Tools.

Contact Point: Dr. Guy Lonsdale