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University of Maribor
System Software Laboratory
Slomskov trg 15
2000 Maribor

The University of Maribor provides high quality post-secondary education in selected disciplines, within the limits of existing possibilities, to all qualified individuals; it binds it inseparably with scientific endeavours, especially basic research. Education is provided in the form of study programs which either form part of the National Master Plan for Higher Education and are financed from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia, or are put on the market of goods and services and financed from non-budgetary sources and tuition fees. The University of Maribor offers undergraduate and graduate university study programs and awards respective professional and academic titles. If required by public interest, it offers continuing education and functional literacy extension programs based on its regular study programs. At present, it also carries out professional higher education programs and awards appropriate titles.

The System Software Laboratory has research focus on

  • biomedical signal and image processing, especially ECG, EMG and ultrasound,
  • time-frequency, wavelet and higher-order statistics signal analysis methods,
  • virtual reality technologies,
  • training software and learning tools,
  • user and system software.

See also the SimBio page of the System Software Laboratory.

Contact Point: Bozidar Potocnik

Teaching Hospital of Maribor
Ljubljanska 5
2000 Maribor

The Hospital of Maribor is a teaching hospital for secondary schools and colleges in the field of nursing and health care and the Faculty of Medicine. The Teaching Hospital of Maribor is a member of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. There are 35 staff members holding PhD degrees, 31 have obtained master's degrees, while over a hundred are still enrolled in postgraduate courses. The hospital is currently carrying out several research projects, 15 of which are funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and two by the Municipality. Two studies are conducted at the international level. 12 new research projects are being prepared.

The hospital publishes several proceedings every year. They are a result of international conferences. In addition to that, collections of papers and lectures and several issues of professional magazines are published regularly. Doctors and other medical staff have published a number of textbooks for their students.

The Teaching Hospital of Maribor has established strong links and cooperation with the health-care facilities and institutions in Slovenia and other countries:
  • Ljubljana Medical Centre and University Hospitals
  • University Colleges of Nursing Studies in Ljubljana and Maribor
  • Health Care Secondary School in Maribor
  • university hospitals in Graz and Wien in Austria and Marburg and Ulm in Germany
  • teaching and other hospitals in Europe within the framework of the European Hospital Association.

The Department of Abdominal Surgery and the Division of Orthopaedics belongs to the Department of Surgery. There are about 40 members of both departments: one full professor and several medical doctors carrying out research activities.

Contact Point: Tomaz Tomazic