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20, Rue Saarinen
Silic 270
94578 Rungis
ESI SA is a member of the ESI Group, which is presently a world leader in the domain of numerical simulation of the "as built as tested" scenario analysis by providing industrial "Virtual Prototyping" codes. The most well known code is PAM-CRASH, which is used extensively by a significant number of car maker companies. 

The ESI Group (consisting of ESI, PSI and SYSTUS International) is a software house in computer aided engineering (CAE), with half of its sales in software licenses spanning 1500 worldwide installations. The ESI Group also offers Consulting Engineering Services in the related fields. With its headquarters in Paris (France), the ESI Group has affiliates throughout Europe, in the USA and Asia, to enable its exports (75% of sales) and local consulting. 

Its software products, managed by PSI (the software maintenance part of the Group) are leaders in their respective fields, ie. The numerical simulation of critical physical phenomena for engineering products and processes. Typical applications range from Vehicle Crashworthiness and Passenger Safety, to Parts Casting/Stamping/Forming in Solid Mechanics, or Vehicle Aerodynamics, Turbomachinery, Engine Underhood Cooling in Fluid Mechanics to Electromagnetic Compatibility. 

Typical industrial sectors that benefit from the "PAM-codes" include : Transportation (automotive, railway, aeronautical), Aerospace (satellite, rockets), Defense, Electronics (components, systems, computers), Materials (steel, aluminium), Energy (petroleum, nuclear), Consumer Products, etc. The main products of the ESI Group include : PAM-CRASH, PAM-STAMP, PAM-SAFE, PAM-SHOCK, PAM-FLOW, PAM-EMC, SYSTUS, COMPOSIC and SYS-WELD.

Contact Point: Dr. Argiris Kamoulakos, Dr. Eberhard Haug, Muriel Beaugonin