Innovations within SimBio

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Inverse Problem Innovations
Solutions of the general inverse problem have undergone a rapid development in the past decade. Currently, most source localisation schemes have been developed assuming simple physical behaviour for the materials surrounding the source. Likewise, only a plain and unconstrained model of the sources has been used.

The SimBio approach enables us to incorporate advanced material knowledge by exploiting the flexibility of the finite element method. This has also a strong influence on the inverse problem techniques and thus necessitates the further development of inverse solution methods. As a result of this project, we will present a tool-set of optimisation and reconstruction algorithms for inverse problems tuned for the joint use with the improved material modelling.

For the electromagnetic test application, a pre-surgical source diagnosis under inclusion of the individual conductivity properties can be calculated in an acceptable time (around one day). Though current, less accurate simulations can already be performed within such time-scales, it is obvious that the expected increase in the accuracy of the pre-surgical source localisation through the modelling achieved with the SimBio innovations is of high medical relevance.