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Optimisation of Prosthesis Design and Manufacturing
The modern design cycle now includes "virtual prototyping" before the manufacture of new products, and the simulation of whole humans and their body parts is rapidly developing to inhabit this virtual world.

One of the major results of this SimBio test case is the development of a protocol for the design and assessment of prosthetic components based on accurate numerical simulation. The development and availability of a prosthetic meniscus would represent a major advance in the armoury of the orthopaedic surgeon. One of the primary challenges to be addressed in this context is the development of an adequate understanding of the structural role of the meniscus in the array of loading environments encountered in daily routine, and particularly in gait.

This platform will support the specification of the geometrical and structural characteristics of a prosthetic meniscus. The development of this specification, based on an accurate numerical simulation, is a focus of this test application.