Inverse Problem

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The objective of modelling processes in biological tissue is twofold: On the one hand one can use such a model in order to make predictions on the properties of biological systems, the so-called forward problem. Examples in this context are On the other hand, one can use this model in a so-called inverse manner to interprete measurements in terms of the underlying (mechanical or electrical) sources. Inverse problems arise in many areas outside the medical/biological area, in seismology, radar, geophysics and mechanical engineering.

Within the SimBio project, a software toolbox will be created containing standard inverse algorithms alongside those that are especially tailored to the validated applications. Nevertheless, the modular design of the software and the universality of the approaches will provide an important, general tool for inverse problem solution.

A number of standard and application-tailored algorithms for inverse problems and optimisation will be incorporated and modified for use with the numerical solvers and the Finite Element methods. The focus will lie on the modularity of the software, allowing the application for different problems by the replacement of the forward model.