Numerical Solution System

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Given the scale and complexity of the target bio-numerical applications, two underlying design criteria for the environment are applied: The "Numerical Solution System" component will include SimBio-internal solvers and codes in addition to an interface to allow the integration of external commercial simulation software.

Finite element analysis is a mature technology. Anisotropy, large displacement, finite strain and contact surfaces are all common features in bio-mechanical problems. The stage is being reached at which analysis models are able to represent closely complex bio-mechanical systems such as that represented by the human knee or the human head. Compared with mechanical FE applications, electromagnetic FE techniques have already reached the maturity to be used in clinical practice.

The solution of the high resolution FE models of the selected BOIs demands the sort of high-performance computing resource that is now beginning to find application in the medical/clinical sector. As the SimBio environment is intended to fulfill the requirements imposed by a wide range of medical problems, its solution system shows a large assortment of numerical recipes.