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We will develop a front-end, which is able to visualise simulation results with fast change of viewing parameters. The render engine will be hybrid and capable of displaying voxel volumes and objects defined by geometric primitives (i.e. surfaces).
It will also allow the visualisation of conductivity and diffusion tensors as well as vector fields and iso-lines interpolated in force and electromagnetical potential fields.
Changes of time-dependent variables are visualised with high update rates.

The render engine will take advantage of the underlying hardware architecture, especially of a parallel processing environment and/or special purpose graphical display boards. Export filters to standard animation and graphic formats will be implemented, to make data available to the medical, clinical and engineering communities for presentation, publication and further investigation with external software tools. The MPI of Cognitive Neuroscience has a strong background in the field of scientific visualisation and processing of medical image data. For more information please visit the

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